About Eagle Bikes

It's All About Fun

Mike and Kim Swisher began riding electric bikes in 2004. The bikes were heavy, and the batteries were even heavier, but the ride was terrific!

As long-time motorcycle riders, electric bikes provided the Swishers an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty of the Northwoods.

As Mike followed the development of electric bikes, he saw them becoming more streamlined, lighter, and more powerful batteries becoming the norm. The Swishers decided the time was right to share their love of riding electric bikes with everyone!

Eagle Bikes opened in June 2020, at 332 West Pine Street (Hwy 70) in Eagle River, sharing space with Kim's business, Kim Swisher Communications, LLC.

Mike and Kim are offering folks a new and low-impact way to explore the beautiful trails of the Northwoods.

"I'm not very athletic, and I hadn’t ridden a regular bicycle in years. Electric bikes have given me the ability and freedom to experience the many trails in our area. The pedal assist helps me navigate hills, reduces the strain on my knees, and allows Mike and I to be together outside and enjoy the beauty that our area offers," Kim shared.

We invite you to explore and enjoy the trails of the Northwoods!

Eagle Bikes is located just two blocks from the trailhead of the Three Eagle Trail. Half and full-day rentals allow riders to appreciate the trail as well as explore Downtown Three Lakes and discover the shops and treats that are waiting to be enjoyed.

Nearby area trails include the Eagle River-Land O'Lakes Bike Route, the Great Headwaters Trails and the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail.

A variety of styles of bikes are available for riders 16 years and older, including Step Thru and Trikes, ensuring mature riders can enjoy riding with the entire family.

Mike and Bobbie in 2007
Mike and Bobbie in 2007
Mike & Kim Swisher and Bobbie in 2020
Mike & Kim Swisher and Bobbie in 2020
Eagle Bikes Side 2021