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How do electric bikes work?

Our bikes have electric motors powered by high performance LG batteries that drives the wheels. The batteries are mounted under the frame, and each has a key.


Do you need to pedal when you ride an electric bike?

Our bicycles have a throttle mode so you can ride without pedaling. If you wish to pedal and enjoy low-impact exercise, the motor is engaged when you use the throttle.  The motor is disengaged when you apply the brakes.

The motor will assist you in challenging areas, such as hills, and allow you to travel longer distances and enjoy the outdoors.

If you help peddle, your range will increase - but it's not necessary!

Are electric bikes allowed on the trails?

Yes, our bikes are permitted on the area trails.  Gasoline-powered bicycles are not permitted.

Our Lectric bikes have a range of approximately 20 miles, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

The bikes include a display to view your speed and your mileage, a phone holder and fabric saddle bags for convenient storage.